Last month I was invited by Tiger Sheds to take part in their #TigerGrowAlong project with a few other bloggers. Since the garden is looking pretty good now (we have grass) I jumped at the chance to grow some baby leaf lettuce.

Tiger Sheds baby lettuce leaf #tigergrowalong

Once all the bits arrived from Tiger Sheds, I got outside and planted the seeds in the container provided. Over the four weeks it was supposed to take for the lettuce to grow, I kept an eye on it while my partner kept it watered – I don’t think I’ll ever remember to water plants.

By week four my leaves were tiny and I started to worry why the poor little leaves weren’t growing. I wanted to put them outside but everyone I spoke to said they’d overheat outside in this heat (what heat?!) and wither. But they weren’t growing inside either. I’m not the most patient person, so telling me it takes time is not the right answer.

Tiger Sheds baby lettuce leaf #tigergrowalong

It got to week five and there was still very little growth. I got bored of waiting so I followed my gut and popped them outside. Oh look, a few days later and they were flourishing. I must listen to my gut more often! We now have some very wet baby lettuce leaves and they look lovely. Although I really wish we could have some dry weather now. Please.

baby leaf lettuce