Avebury stone circle

Can I say that August has well and truly sucked for me? I hit peak stress levels early on in the month and never really shook it off. The first thing to go was posting on this little blog. I had to let something go so I had more time to calm myself down.

If you’re in the process of planning a wedding, or you can see it in the future, my main piece of advice is don’t do it alone. I am a bit of a control freak so I’ve kept everything wedding related very close to me and haven’t really delegated anything. It’s been very overwhelming and my to do list is humongous. I’m still not taking my own advice, as I’m still not delegating.

Running has gone out of the window. I have two weeks until out 10k race and I haven’t run that distance yet. I haven’t run regularly since mid July and can definitely feel it when I do run. I am going to struggle. But I will cross the finish line. Even if I walk myself around it in an hour and a half, I’ll do it!

It hasn’t been all bad (except the weather). We had a lovely day out in Avebury for a picnic and to walk around the stone circle. I was going to write a blog post about it as I took some lovely photos, but I really think I need a proper break from blogging. I’ll be on social media but I’m taking a back seat on here until post honeymoon in October.

Monthly favourites

In an attempt to de-stress I have taken up crocheting again. I love crochet as I find it so much easier than knitting and I can do it while watching telly or listening to the radio. I started these squares ages ago and I’m starting to do them again. To make a small blanket I need 48 squares – not doable for this Christmas but maybe 2016! You can find the pattern for Bear’s Rainbow Blanket on Ravelry.

Crochet blanket squares

I loved Serial and I’m now addicted to Undisclosed podcast. If you haven’t listened to them I definitely recommend you do. Every week I wish I could stay up and listen to it but it reaches us here at about 2300 on a work night and I’m a bit of a grandma so I’m tucked up in bed by then.

Favourite blog posts this month

With the whole lack of blogging there’s also been a lack of reading, which is very unlike me. I have watched a lot more YouTube this month though. I spent an evening chain-watching devinsupertramp videos like this Tangled in Real Life.

As I want to start crafting again, I caught up on some of MyGreenCow’s videos like this Etsy sticker haul, which makes me want to buy lots of stickers. Do I even need stickers?! I always struggle to find good UK Etsy sellers so this video gave me lots of ideas.