I expected to have a dog by the age of 29. Actually I thought I’d have one as soon as I left home, but apparently I need to wait until it’s practical to have one. When will that time ever come?!

Anyway, mini rant over, I turned 29 yesterday and I feel exactly the same. Such an anticlimax, maybe next year will make up for it with the big 3-0. The problem with always having a birthday in the middle of the October half term means that it’s hard to get leave off work and everywhere is busy/expensive! I had the day off but no one else did so I spent the day on the sofa in front of Netflix.

On Sunday my hubby took me to Longleat Safari Park for a day out. I love going to the zoo and especially safari ones. We’d just got back from our honeymoon the day before so driving around a safari rather than walking sounded like bliss (I’m sure sleeping all day would have been good too). Here are some of the animals I caught on camera during the visit.

Zebra at Longleat

Longleat bird

Lemur at Longleat

Penguins at Longleat

Penguin at Longleat

Red Panda at Longleat

Tiger at Longleat


Rhino at Longleat