One month postpartum and baby update

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Eleanor is now one month old so here is a video update of how she’s getting on and also me one month postpartum. It has been an amazing, beautiful, emotional and stressful month. It hasn’t been easy but we have a wonderful baby girl to show for it. I will do a whole post and… Continue reading

Nursery decor wishlist

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Eleanor’s nursery is no where near finished at the moment. All it has is painted walls and some furniture – not even a cotbed. Although we do have a fair few months left until she moves into the nursery so I’m not worried about that. I do really want to get the nursery decorated soon… Continue reading

Pre-baby Bucket List Update

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Four months ago I wrote a pre-baby bucket list with 5 things I really wanted to do before our baby arrived. And I’m really happy to say we ticked everything most of it. Decorate the living room, nursery and gardens The living room has beautiful willow print wallpaper on one wall and we’ve bought a… Continue reading

My Labour and birth experience

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My labour and birth experience all happened rather quickly. Or at least a lot quicker than I expected. I’m going to start a couple of days before on my husbands birthday. That Sunday at around 4pm I had the worst period cramps ever. I thought nothing of it and assumed it was normal. It was a… Continue reading

What’s in my hospital bag for me and baby


I finished packing my hospital bag at 37 weeks even though the NCT course teacher said to start thinking about it at 30 weeks. I did think about it but it took awhile to get everything together. To be honest I wasn’t sure what to pack and there are tons of lists out there to… Continue reading

Baby Nursery Sleeping Wishlist


There are so many adorable products for baby to sleep in and I’ve put together a few of my favourites. So far all we have for sleeping is the Snuzpod, a few plain crib sheets and one cellular blanket. At nearly 38 weeks pregnant I do feel a little unprepared on the sleeping front. Bubba… Continue reading