Pregnancy Struggles Are Real


Don’t get me wrong, I love being pregnant! But the further on I get the more pregnancy struggles I seem to run into. Here are just a few of the battles I’m dealing with during my third trimester. Dropping things – Is it really worth picking it up? When it’s the car keys in the middle… Continue reading

Day in Photos – August

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On Saturday we headed out early and visited a National Trust area called Figsbury Ring. We’ve driven past the sign for it lots of times and I decided that today would be the day we ventured in. It’s up a horrible single track road – baby did not like the bumps at all! When you… Continue reading

Pregnancy and Parenting Book Reviews

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I bought a few parenting and pregnancy books to read. With the increase in apps, websites and videos telling you all about pregnancy, I decided to go for mainly books about experiences and the first few years of baby’s life. Here are a few of the books I’ve been reading to get ready for baby.… Continue reading

How to budget in a bullet journal

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With a baby on the way I am looking at how to budget in a bullet journal. I need to be able to keep a closer look at our finances when I go on maternity leave and a few helpful budgeting spreads are going to help me do this. The idea of budgeting was sparked… Continue reading

29 to 30 Weeks Pregnant – Our Pregnancy Story

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I’m coming up to 31 weeks pregnant, so here’s an update on the last two weeks. They’ve been hard but I’m sitting here now feeling like I’m working through it all. There’s also been some really special moments to cherish. 29 Weeks Pregnant Wowzers it got hot this week! I can’t budge my wedding rings… Continue reading