Astilbe container flowers

The weather was glorious a couple of weeks back and we spent a lot of times lying on a picnic blanket in the garden with cushions propped up against the wall. It was uncomfortable but the sun was beating down and it was too good to miss out. With summer coming soon, whether we get any heat or sun at all, I really want to get more use out of the garden.

Our garden is plain and empty. Last year we seeded the grass and put more slabs down to make the most of the garden, but we didn’t use it as much as I wanted. I found the picnic bench that my stepdad made great for eating dinner on but not so good for relaxing.

We popped to out to get some sun loungers to chill out on when the sun is beaming down. These ones are perfect for sitting up and sipping water (no Pimms for me this year!) or reading, or putting them flat for a bit of a nap.

Astilbe planted container

We picked up two astilbe plants in containers from Homebase as they are the perfect hight for propping the kitchen doors open. If I kill off the astilbe I’m going to replace it with lavender. They sit either sides of the doors when closed so it perfectly frames them.

I’ve planted some geraniums in a pot that had failed salad in it – you can see them sneaking into the photo above. I’m a plant killer and the label on the geraniums said they didn’t need much water so they sounded perfect for my not-so-green-fingers. Hopefully they’ll be flowering soon with pink and lilac flowers.

Simon bought some saxifrage and bacopa which have small flowers and he’s planted them where there’s a gap between the path and the fence raised up. It was growing grass in it but hopefully these little plants will take over. Why do flowers have such bizarre names? I just call them the ones with the tiny flowers.

Saxifrage flowers in garden

I’m trying to bring some colour to the garden but it’s a long process. I want to sew some bench seats and a tablecloth for the picnic bench. I may screw that up completely as I have no idea how to sew properly.

I’m going to put some wildflower seeds down to attract the bees and butterflies to the garden. The mix looks like it has lots of different colours so I think it will be really pretty. I want the garden to be inviting and somewhere that next summer with the baby we can really enjoy.

What have you been doing to get your garden or outside space ready for the summer?