The first thing I do every day is have breakfast. I am grumpy as hell if I skip it or have it late. I usually go for a slightly healthier cereal for breakfast but not on the weekend. Cocopops in bed, what could be better? (Please don’t say avocado on toast, that’s not happening in this house).

We then got ready for a morning in Winchester. I had some clothes to return to New Look before heading in to Primark for some comfy pyjamas. They just have the comfiest PJs, why buy them from anywhere else?! I tried on so many things and it was kinda scary when I looked down and couldn’t see my toes.

primark shopping

I love going to Winchester on a Saturday as they have a market down the high street. Near the bottom we found this wild meat stall which provided samples and I devoured quite a few! I don’t think they minded because we bought some venison sausages, garlic salami and a traditional dry salami. We tried elk, beaver and roe deer but they had so much choice.

Wild meat stall


We then walked past the fruit and vegetable stalls and I was pulled in by the scent of the strawberries. I couldn’t resist buying a punnet to snack on as we walked around.

Now onto my favourite reason for going into Winchester on a Saturday – The Ciabatta Grill, which I’ve talked about before on the blog. Simon actually went for the same as me this time, a chicken, chorizo and mozzarella ciabatta. It’s so yummy! We went to the cathedral grounds and found a step to sit on while we munched.


Winchester Cathedral

Before coming home we had a quick wander around the shops. I’ve quite fallen for this polka dot rucksack changing bag in Cath Kidston. I’ve not seen many backpack versions so it’s definitely something to consider.

Cath Kidston

When we got home we did a really not very exciting trip to Sainsburys followed by stuffing my face with chocolate eclairs. I had no fancy plans for the evening excepting getting into my new Primark pyjamas, eating a curry, watching telly and crocheting my bunting together with white yarn. I much prefer evenings in!


crochet bunting

That sums up my Saturday. How was your weekend?