22 weeks pregnant bump shot

Wowzers this pregnancy seems to be flying by now!

21 weeks pregnant

This week I started my bump yoga class. The class started with a bit of an ice breaker and then we went through a guided relaxation before doing some yoga. Afterwards we had a discussion about breathing in labour before some relaxation to finish off. It felt amazing to be doing some exercise and just to be around other pregnant ladies. I don’t have any pregnant friends so this is all new to me; it was nice to not feel alone. 

We went pram shopping one evening and I am still utterly pramboozled. I have narrowed down my choice to three and I really can’t decide. One is beautiful, the other is well regarded and the third is practical and I’ve heard great things about it. It’s such a hard decision to make. After narrowing down my options with a spreadsheet, I know have a table with these three prams and all the things I consider important like manoeuvrability and ease of folding. I’ve then rated each first, second or third and the pram with the lowest total wins – but they all came out with only one or two points between them! So that didn’t work. Maybe eeny meeny miny moe is the way to go.

22 weeks pregnant

The baby has really upped its game with kicking this week. It’s been so wonderful being able to feel it move. Hubby and I went over to my parents for a bbq over the weekend and he felt it kick for the first time. It was only a little kick but he felt it. Then a few nights later I had a super relaxing bubble bath with a good book and felt baby move again. I called him in and he put his hand on my belly and baby did the biggest kick ever. It was a magical moment.

I feel incredibly lucky to not have that many symptoms again this week. My headaches have pretty much gone and the pain in my tailbone area has calmed down. I’m an emotional wreck but that’s about it this week.

Can time just stop please?! Now that I’ve passed the half way point it definitely feels like time is speeding up and baby will be here in a minute. We haven’t bought any of the big things and I’m starting to panic a bit. Better get making some decisions soon!

This week

Baby is now the size of a – Papaya.

My favourite moment was – Seeing hubby’s face when he felt the baby kick.

My worst moment was – Bursting into tears in the shopping centre. One of the shops had an extremely rude manager who peed me off.

I’ve been feeling – Emotional. I’ve had a few down days for no reason, but I’ve also had plenty of things to be really happy about too.

I’ve been buying for baby – I bought a play mat and some clothes. I’ve been quite bad with the spending the last two weeks.

I’m missing – Being able to fit into some of my clothes. And why are my maternity tops always in the wash?! I need to do more laundry.

I’m craving – I haven’t really had any cravings this week. Although I am still partial to a baguette with proper butter.

I’m looking forward to – Our holiday in Cornwall.