I have fallen back in love with my bullet journal now I’m feeling better. I’m still switching between daily and weekly setups but that’s the beauty of a bullet journal, you can really do whatever the hell you want with it.

I decided to film June’s setup, so let me know what you think.


I’ve switched back to the weekly setup as I find that when I’m at work I don’t have as many (if any) daily tasks so I would just skip those days. There are also so many tasks that I don’t need to do that day but need to get done during the week. It made sense to just have one list of tasks that I can work through during the week and then I could mark any tasks that need doing on a certain day.

The reason there’s only 6 meal options is because it means we can go out, get takeaway or go to my parents one night a week. It also doesn’t stipulate which day is for each meal, as that never worked out with my pregnancy cravings! Some evenings I just end up with cereal anyway.

I’m doing a weekly habit tracker so that I can adjust what habits are important to me that week. This week I really want to focus on relaxing, getting some exercise and having a bit of me time.

Do you prefer weeklies or dailies? How do you setup your monthly view?

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