In last week’s Wonderful Wednesday, I said how glad I was that I was over my cold. It must have just been a Wednesday thing as it’s still here and now Eleanor has got it really bad. She’s not feeding as much (but luckily still enough), coughing and very very snotty. I literally have snot all over my jumper when I forget to wear a muslin. Anyway, she’s still happy most of the time so I’m hoping she feels better soon.

snowdrops in the frost


I saw some snowdrops poking their heads up in my parents garden. I love how they poke their way up even if it’s frosty outside.

Rolling rolling rolling

Eleanor is proper on board with this rolling thing. She just doesn’t stop now. She’s a little mover and just keeps rolling over and over until she’s reached the other side of the room! I found it hilarious when she first did it, now I’m slightly annoyed as I can’t leave her on her own for even a minute now. Must stop wishing she’d do the next thing!

IKEA meatballs

We went to IKEA on the weekend and I had some yummy meatballs with mash. Do you go for mash or fries? I also had a chocolate muffin which I really didn’t need. We bought some lovely bits for the nursery and some things we have to take back – an excuse for more meatballs right. Maybe more daim too!

Premiere Pro

Now Eleanor goes to bed at a decent time, I’ve had a bit of me time in the evenings to learn Premiere Pro. I love experimenting with video and learning how to do things via YouTube. It’s been so much fun having a play around to see what I can do. Also, it’s nice to have a bit of time to myself.

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