This is my breastfeeding story. It’s taken me ages to film as I was far too emotional about it all. I had a low milk supply and I wasn’t able to express. In the video below I explain everything we tried and what the midwives/health visitors/breastfeeding counsellors advised us to do.

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The one thing I wish I’d been told while pregnant was how hard breastfeeding is and it doesn’t matter how much you want it, sometimes it just doesn’t work out. In my group of mummy friends only 2 are still breastfeeding exclusively and they have had so many issues as well. I don’t know anyone who has had an easy journey with breastfeeding. It’s supposed to be one of the most natural things in the world, but it is so hard.

I put a hell of a lot of pressure on myself to breastfeed and I’ve learnt my lesson. We’ll be starting weaning next month and I am planning to go down the baby led weaning route. But if breastfeeding has taught me anything, I need to lower my expectations and accept that things might change. So I’m going to take Eleanor’s lead and feed her how she wants to be fed.

What’s your experience of breastfeeding? Did you face similar struggles?