With only a couple of months left of my maternity leave, I really wanted to create a bucket list of everything I want to do with Eleanor. I can’t believe I’ll be going back to work soon and sending little E off to nursery for a couple of days a week. I know she’ll love it but it makes my heart ache.

maternity leave summer bucket list stock photo of sunflowers

This summer we are going to get out and about lots and try some new things. So here’s what I have planned.

Messy play

I took Eleanor to a messy play group the other week and she hated it. She cried when she touched the jelly. So this summer I’m going to try and slowly introduce some messy play ideas at home and see how she gets on with them. And maybe leave the jelly until last.

Our local farm

I bought an annual pass to our closest farm and I think we’ll be going there lots of the summer. We’ve been a couple of times a week since we bought the membership and it’s great. They have a small under 2’s soft play area too which is perfect if it’s raining.


Our Sing and Sign class may be over but I’m determined to keep signing to her over the summer. She’s trying to sign more and drink at the moment and has been signing milk for awhile. I’m so proud of her. Also if we practise lots it will stop me forgetting them all. We know lots of animals so they’ll come in use at the farm and zoo.

Go to the beach

Eleanor adored her first visit to the beach so I really want to take her again. Hopefully we’ll get some lovely weather in September when the schools are back on so it will be a bit quieter for us.

Family picnic

I really want to get some family together and have a picnic in the New Forest. We often have picnics there and when I was pregnant I dreamed of having picnics with a baby crawling around us.

Find family friendly independent pubs

Go on the hunt for some family friendly pubs that won’t mind the huge mess that Eleanor makes. We love trying out new restaurants and pubs but have stopped since having Eleanor. If you have any recommendations in the Hampshire area let me know.

Tick off more National Trust

There are some amazing National Trust properties within 75 minutes drive of us. It’s quite a drive on my own but I really want to venture on more days out alone with Eleanor while hubby is at work. I really want to take advantage of our membership rather than visiting the same few places all the time.


What’s on your summer bucket list?