This week’s meal plan is a dairy free one (mostly). My daughter, who is 11 months old, will be having dairy and I will have a limited amount with her. My husband though is going completely dairy free this week – as far as I know, he better not sneak any ice cream at work or something!

He uses lactofree milk but always eats lots of cheese and other dairy products, so we’re trying to limit those to see if it helps. However delicious they are.

Tesco food haul for our dairy free meal plan monday

This food haul came to just under £25 from Tesco. We have a lot of meat and fish in the freezer that needs using up so my mission this week was to try and use as much as possible. All the minced beef is from the freezer.


Lunch: Out

Dinner: Pasta Bolognese


Lunch: Cheese and spinach muffins

Dinner: Sausages, mash and veggies


Lunch: Cheese and spinach muffins

Dinner: Homemade burgers, salad and chips


Lunch: Jacket potato with baked beans

Dinner: Homemade burgers, salad and chips


Lunch: Thick lentil soup

Dinner: Cauliflower alfredo


Lunch: Drop scones

Dinner: Haddock and chorizo salad


Lunch: Out

Dinner: Chicken curry

I am really looking forward to trying the cauliflower alfredo. I wonder how it will turn out. The homemade burgers are a favourite and they’re from the Flavour-Led Weaning Cookbook – although hubby’s burgers won’t have the hidden cheese inside!

Do you write a meal plan? What are your favourite meals for the whole family?