I’m bringing Meal Plan Monday back! I don’t always enjoy meal planning but it means I try and cook more of a variety of meals. I have stacks of recipe books and recipes cut out of magazines that I really want to test out. Don’t get me started on my Pinterest recipes to try board!

We were supposed to be having roast beef on Sunday and then use leftover beef, but the food shop got too expensive so we switched to a whole chicken.

Anyway, here’s this weeks meal plan and you can see all the ingredients I bought in the video below.


Lunch: Stuffed sweet peppers

Dinner: Saint Lucian jerk haddock with sweet potato wedges – from a CBeebies recipe using sea bass


Lunch: Roast chicken with veggies and yorkshire puddings

Dinner: Tortilla pizzas


Lunch: Jacket potato and beans

Dinner: Leftover chicken fajitas


Lunch: Pitta pizzas

Dinner: Leftover chicken curry with rice and naan


Lunch: Pitta and hummus (work/childcare day)

Dinner: Gnocchi & tomato bake


Lunch: Pitta and hummus (work/childcare day)

Dinner: Bacon and pea risotto


Lunch: Sandwiches (work/childcare day)

Dinner: Pasta and tomato sauce (it’s a tomato sauce filled with veggies that I batch cook and freeze)


Do you write a meal plan? What are your favourite meals for the whole family?