I have really got back into my bullet journal this month. I’ve been using weekly spreads rather than dailies and I’ve been switching around some of my favourite layouts. Here are my top 5 weekly spreads. If you’re new to bullet journal then check out my bullet journal setup post.

Bullet Journal Weekly Spreads Ideas

1. Traditional diary layout

When I know I have a lot going on in a week then this is the layout I go for. It’s easy enough to draw out and I can clearly see what I’ve got going on. It gives me room for all the appointments as well as a few to do items.

Bullet Journal Weekly Layout Ideas

2.  One page weekly spread

Straight and to the point with this single page spread. I love having one column for tasks as I rarely get to do something on the day I want to get it done. So it’s easier for me to have weekly tasks some weeks. I’ll make tasks with an asterisk if it’s really important.

Bullet Journal Weekly Spreads Ideas

3. Weekly with meal planner and habit tracker

If I have a bit more time I use this layout. It gives me a box for meal planning dinners and a habit tracker. I can then use all the empty space for tasks, doodles or notes.

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Bullet Journal Weekly Spread Ideas

4. One page boxed layout

A really simple box design to use when I’m in a hurry and feeling a bit lazy with bujoing. It does the job!

Bullet Journal Weekly Spread Ideas

5. Room for notes layout

When I have major to do lists then this is the spread for me. I can literally brain dump everything I want to get done in the week and still have a bit of space for events.

On my YouTube channel you can find all my monthly bullet journal setup videos.

What’s your favourite weekly layout?

These are my top 5 bullet journal weekly spreads and layouts. I have one for when I have lots of appointments or when I have a quiet week but loads to do. I switch between layouts depending on what my week looks like.