Green soup, much like green smoothies, make me feel like I’m being really healthy. So when I’m feeling in a bit of a health slump this is what I turn to.

Kale and vegetable spring soup

Spring spinach and vegetable soup

These soups are based on a BBC Good Food versatile veg soup recipe. Which basically means potato and other veg is thrown into a pan with some stock and once cooked it’s blended. It is so ridiculously easy and you can adapt it to whatever ingredients you have at the time.

Here I’ve made one with kale (top) and another with Spinach (bottom). In both soups I used 300g potato and then made up 150g (ish) of celery, onion, carrot and garlic. I added more or less in for each soup. I then used about 100g of kale or spinach. I went over the 200g that was in the original recipe because I couldn’t help but add lots of greens in.

I fried everything up (except the greens) for a couple of minutes in some olive oil before adding 700ml vegetable stock. I left this for 10 minutes and then added the kale or spinach for a further 5 minutes. Then it was time to blend!

This is supposed to serve two and maybe it’s because I added more vegetables, but with some bread we’ve had two meals each out of it.

Kale and vegetable spring soup


There are so many things you could try. Broccoli stalk (instead of binning it), parsnips, more carrot, leeks, squash, sweet potato, chilli, swede, bacon and even orzo.

What’s your go to soup recipe? Do you have any spring favourites?