The Body Shop Milk and Honey Bath powder

A few weeks ago I popped into the Body Shop to see if they had something for my achy and stretchy pregnancy body. It was on this visit that I collapsed in a heap on the floor. Whether it was from sniffing the green tea bath salts or just because of my low blood sugar levels, I can’t be sure.

My hubby went back the next day, thanked the lovely staff for looking after me and picked up the Spa of the World Egyptian Milk and Honey Bath powder. It smelt lush in the shop so I was excited to try it out (and much better calmer for me than the green tea scent).

I’ve used this a few times now by adding 4-5 scoops with the adorable wooden spoon under running water. I don’t know how many uses I’ll get out of it as you use a lot each time but it’s a bit of a treat to use instead of regular bubble bath.

Yesterday was one of those hard days where I really needed to relax. After sprinkling in a few scoops, the bath had a lovely aroma of honey which immediately calms me down. I don’t like overpowering scents and this is really subtle so perfect for me.

Shock horror, I’m not a huge bath fan as I usually make them far too hot and then get dizzy and have to get out. This bath wasn’t too hot so I got to relax in it for ages with a good book, a cup of tea (is that weird?) and some candles flickering. My skin felt super soft by the end of it. You know what I could have done with after a bath like this, new PJs and clean bed sheets. Will remember for next time!