Bump shot at 18 weeks pregnant

I am now well and truly in the second trimester and a little bump is starting to appear (alongside some food baby too – although I hadn’t really eaten much the day this photo was taken). Heres an updated from 14 to 18 weeks of my pregnancy.

When I was 13+2 weeks I had my dating scan and to my surprise I was moved forwards to 14 weeks! I’d had an ultrasound at 9 weeks because of some pain and bleeding and the doctor said baby was the size of a jelly baby. It was amazing to think that jelly baby had now turned into a mille-feuille (so says my Ovia app) or a lemon to normal people. Apart from a huge bloat baby most days, I couldn’t see how a lemon could fit in there.

At 16 weeks I had my second midwife visit. Simon was able to come with me to this one which was lovely as we got to listen to baby’s heartbeat. I couldn’t stop grinning. Everything else checked out with the midwife and I asked her about the pain I was getting in my tailbone. She suggested using a cushion when it hurt. It’s mostly been hurting while doing long car journeys, so I picked up a long narrow cushion from IKEA for £3 which sits at the base of my back in the car and is really comfy. I haven’t had any trouble again in the car with my back, now I get it in the house instead!

Since hitting the second trimester my nausea has pretty much disappeared but it’s been replaced by killer headaches. Paracetamol isn’t touching them and the only thing that really helps is to go to bed. Daily stress and staring at a computer screen for 9 hours a day at work weren’t helping at all so I visited my doctor to get some help. They signed me off sick and I’ve found that even though I still get headaches most days that I can manage the pain by going to bed. Also, coke has really helped! I’ve pretty much cut tea out so I’m not having too much caffeine with the coke.

NCT nearly new sale baby clothes haul

We also went to our first nearly-new sale by NCT and it was scarily intimidating but so much fun. I’ve never been to anything like it before and didn’t know where to start, so we headed for clothes. I found the unisex bits tended to be on the boys table to I hustled in there and picked a few pieces I liked. It was so cheap – a couple of vests for 50p and a 6-piece White Company clothing set for £6. We then went onto the toys and I had no idea what I’d need so I walked straight back out. I think I’ll stick to clothing for a bit!

Anyone else getting totally bamboozled (pramboozled?) by the range of pushchairs there are? I’ve completely geeked out and created a spreadsheet comparing all the features of some of the prams that start to fit the bill. I went shopping with my mum the other day to have a bit of a test drive of some prams and have narrowed it down a bit. It’s really annoying when I spot someone on the street and all I can see is the brand name on the pram – I’m too much of a wuss to interrupt them and ask them what it is!

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18 weeks pregnant

Baby is now the size of a – Croissant.

My favourite moment was – Spending some quality time shopping with my mum. We had a look around at prams and lots of other baby bits I’ll need to buy soon.

My worst moment was – Apart from the headaches and being signed off work, I’ve been suffering with a bit of anxiety. I haven’t felt any movements yet which I’ve been told is perfectly normal, especially for a first baby. But I keep getting anxious that something might be wrong, even though I’ve had no symptoms to tell me so.

I’ve been feeling – Emotional. Oh my goodness I am tearing up at everything. Don’t let me watch Supervet alone, I need a box of tissues!

I’ve been buying for baby – I couldn’t resist a cute Winnie the Pooh sleepsuit from Asda. I wanted to buy all the Pooh clothes but I’m sure there’s plenty of time for that.

I’m missing – Ibuprofen!!

I’m craving – I guess it’s because I can’t have it but all I really want is to have pate with some pitta bread. I never have it very often usually so I don’t know why I want it now.

I’m looking forward to – Seeing our little bean at the 20-week ultrasound next week!

Winnie the Pooh sleepsuit from Asda