IKEA Malm dressing table makeup and desk

With a baby on the way I am losing my dressing table room. Nooooo!!

I don’t mind really, it will make a lovely small nursery (until hubby loses his office). I’ve moved my dressing table and Alex drawers into his study and have made myself a bit of desk space too.

I wanted the dressing table to be clean and not have too much on top as it gets so dusty. It’s the IKEA Malm dressing table and IKEA Alex drawers, obvs, I’m a blogger. Here’s a picture of how it was before and I really wanted to declutter. It’s a mess and not a very calming area to do my makeup and hair in the morning.

IKEA Malm dressing table

I have a love/hate relationship with the Malm dresser. Why does the drawer not come out very far?! Do you not need to have access to the back of it? There is a hack to change it if you google it but I don’t want to break anything.

The idea of moving the furniture into the office is so that I can use the dressing table as a desk on occasions. Simon spends a lot of hours in his office in the evening if he’s got work to do and sometimes I want to join him. So I’ve made a little desk area on my dresser and room for hair and makeup. I’ve also popped by sewing machine on it in hope that I’ll have more time to use it.

I’ve had a bit of a clear out of my Alex drawers. Who needs a whole drawer of moisturiser?! I don’t even use it that much. I have a tub of body butter by the bed and the Palmers cocoa stretch mark cream in the bathroom; I don’t need anything else. My Alex had turned into a place where makeup and beauty products go to die.

Stacked jewellery box

IKEA Alex with flowers and a jewellery box on top

IKEA Malm dressing table

All it needs now is a better makeup brush pot and possibly a new mirror. And definitely some new eyelash curlers! How dirty are they?! Oops!