Barry M Quick Dry in Pit Stop (grey)

Sunday sounds like a good day for some positivity. I’m not very good at finding the positives of the day or having a gratitude journal, but I’m sure I could come up with three good things that have happened each week. So I thought I’d share these on my blog.

This week was my first full week back at work since I was off sick. It’s been tough but Justin Timberlake’s new single has got me through it. I keep putting it on when stress is kicking in and have a bit of a boogie in my chair. I can’t be the only one who chair dances, right?

Lunchtime reading

  1. When the sun stays out long enough to have lunch outside. On Monday the weather was lovely and I found a bench outside my work to have my lunch on, read my kindle and get some much needed vitamin d.
  2. Barry M Speedy quick dry nail polishes. Oh my goodness these are my new favourite thing. I decluttered my nail varnish collection recently but I still don’t find the time to do my nails. I always want to do them when I’m on my way out of the door. I picked up Pit Stop, which is a pale grey, and applied it with a couple of minutes left before rushing out the door to work. And it survived! So these polishes are now my go to for most occasions. They’re also really easy to get off too.
  3. I have wallpaper in my living room finally! As it’s a new build property we had to wait for the walls to dry out, but it’s been another 6 months to decide on the wallpaper and then bribe someone to come round and put it up. I love it! It’s from Laura Ashley and they have matching cushions which I’m tempted to get. My home is becoming more homely and it makes me happy.

Laura Ashley Willow wallpaper in the living room

What’s been making you feel happy and positive this week?