wunderlist on macbook for tasks

I feel like I’ve cheated on my Bullet Journal. For awhile I started using Wunderlist to note down all the tasks that I wanted to get done. Not only that, I used it to create a cleaning schedule with daily, weekly, monthly and infrequent jobs.

And then it all got a bit much. I like the Wunderlist app. I think it’s great if you’ve got a few tasks to do. You can update it on your phone or while on the computer. It’s super easy and you can create as many lists as you want (I had far too many).

I had a few busy days, ill days and then a weekend away, so when I looked at the app again I had not done anything. I looked under ‘Today’ and was told I had 40 odd things to do. It was overwhelming and being a hormonal pregnant mess I just burst into tears. The house wasn’t clean, the mattress hadn’t been flipped, I hadn’t scheduled any tweets and I definitely hadn’t bought a replacement filter for the kitchen extractor fan.

My 40 odd tasks were quickly reassigned to other due dates. And then I realised, I can’t keep this up. It’s all well and good trying to be organised but sometimes I’m just not. Sometimes I want to lounge around watching Netflix instead of hoovering. And sometimes I want to join a Twitter chat rather than repainting grout.

Back in love with bujo

So after a couple of weeks of barely using my bullet journal I am back in love with it. I’ve created a cleaning schedule on there and although it doesn’t remind me every day, and I don’t have to tick tasks off each day, it’s there and it’s not making me feel guilty if I just cba.

There are a few lists I am keeping on my Wunderlist and they’re all shopping related. I have a list for the weekly food shop and all the bits I still need to buy for baby. While out and about shopping my phone just can’t be beaten.

July Bullet Journal setup

How do you keep track of all the tasks you have to do? Especially those pesky chores.