One thing I love about my bullet journal is that I don’t have to be consistent. I can do whatever I like in it and it doesn’t matter. I’m not restricted to a certain format like with a normal diary or a filofax with the proper insert. I can change things up on a weekly or daily basis if I want and skip wholes weeks out completely.

I want to share with you a few of the layouts I’ve been playing around with recently and some of the lists and collections I’ve been creating. I really use it for whatever I need to note down instead of using multiple other notebooks or bits of paper.


Bullet Journal monthly may

Bullet Journal monthly budget


As I’ve been skipping days recently I haven’t done a weekly spread in awhile. And some days even turn into a combination like below where I have Friday and the weekend because why the hell not! I’ve also been keeping track of my pregnancy each week so I can make notes of how I’ve been feeling or what we’ve done/bought that week.

bullet journal dailies

bullet journal dailies


Collections for me are pages where I can dump just about anything. We’re trying to decorate and buy bits for the house, so I have a list of measurements for parts of different rooms. It makes sense to have them all in one place and I just take this photo with me on a trip to IKEA or wherever.

Brain dump to do list

bullet journal measurements collection

bullet journal collection days out

What hasn’t worked

Expenses! I just don’t enter them. So I’ve downloaded an app called Toshl, which I’ve used previously, and I’m now trying to enter everything on there. I can categorise my spending and use tags, so I can keep track on what type of things I’m spending too much on (food usually). As you can see above on my May monthly spread I’ve included a budget table which has some of the categories listed. I’ve added a budget to each and then I can use Toshl to add them up at the end of the month.

I’ve been using my bullet journal for 5 months now and I really like the flexibility it gives me. I wavered the other day thinking about an A5 filofax but I’m not going to invest in one while my buju is going strong.