Avon Active Watch

Recently I set out for the day with the Avon Active pedometer watch firmly strapped to my arm and two pedometer apps tracking my steps on my phone. I set them all up at the same time and off we went down to Hengistbury Head for the day.


I have tiny wrists and this looked humongous on me. I had to have it on the closest notch and it was still a tad loose. I’ve actually not worn it without a long sleeved jumper as I don’t think it’s particularly stylish – it reminded me of the Baby G watches from the 90s. There is something I like about it – it’s white so it will go with most outfits.

Avon Active Watch


The first thing of note, the watch added steps while I struggled to put on my coat. Then when we got in the car for the hour or so drive to the beach I noticed the watch and apps were clocking up steps during the ride. Unless I actually count my steps I don’t really see how you can do a perfect accuracy test.



  • Avon Active Watch 9,453
  • Noom Walk 8,350
  • Accupedo 7,827

So there’s about 1,000 between them and I have no idea which is the right one. Having an app on my phone does seem a lot easier, but they did kill my battery so I ended the test at 17:21 rather than finishing off the day. The watch is practical as I wear one usually, this has a pulse reader if you’re into that, and it shows you the calories burned. It works for me under a long sleeved jumper but it doesn’t look as good as the other wearable tech out at the moment – although it is a lot cheaper.