Only six or so weeks left and although I’ve got most things for baby I’m not feeling very prepared. I really need to get packing my hospital bag this week! Here’s my 33 and 34 weeks pregnant update.

33 weeks pregnant bump at Figsbury Ring

33 Weeks Pregnant

At 33 weeks pregnant, my app says baby is the size of a ferret. We went to Porton pet shop that weekend and they had ferrets for sale. One was very inquisitive and came to say hello. I can’t image baby being that size!

This week I got so uncomfortable while in bed. I’ve been using a wedge, v-shaped pillow and a dreamgenii and none of them helped the horrible pain in my hips. So I went back to basics with a normal pillow between my knees and ankles and that fixed it! I’m not getting any more sleep but I’m definitely not in as much pain.

I bought a supportive bump band from Mothercare this week as my bump has been feeling a bit sore. It’s definitely helped while out and about walking. It was only £10 so worth investing in.

This was my first full week back at work and although it hasn’t been stressful it has knackered me out!! My bump is getting too big to sit at my desk and the toilets are so far away. I could do with a maternity portaloo if there was such a thing!

34 Weeks Pregnant

We had my in laws down on Sunday for a wander around Mottisfont, which was stunning as always.

Flowers at Mottisfont

On Tuesday I had my Aquabump class followed by a maternity photoshoot with the lovely Hana who did our wedding photos. I can’t wait to see how they turn out!! It was a really hot day so we headed to Lee on Solent afterwards for an ice cream. That actually turned out to be a yummy banana milkshake at a cafe and stealing some of hubby’s sundae.

I had my 34 weeks midwife appointment on Wednesday and baby is measuring fine this week. Something showed up in my urine that could be a UTI but as I have no symptoms my midwife wasn’t concerned. If I do get symptoms I need to pop in to the the GP. She also handed me a Labour Information Pack from Emma’s Diary which has a few samples in it and a guide to labour and birth. At my next appointment we’ll be chatting about my birth plan so I’m going to give this guide a read to get some ideas.

This week

Baby is now the size of a – Butternut squash.

My favourite moment was – Going on our maternity photoshoot with our wedding photographer.

My worst moment was – Trying to deal with hip pain during the night.

I’ve been feeling – Calm and happy even though I’m uncomfortable.

I’m missing – Bread. Hubby wants couscous at lunch time so I haven’t been having bread and I really want toast with loads of jam!

I’ve been buying for baby – A cellular blanket and a few little clothes.

I’m craving – Ice pops. That’s all I want.

I’m looking forward to – Visiting family this weekend for an early joint 30th birthday celebration.