So, it’s been awhile. Not a very long while but a few weeks all the same. It felt really good to take a break. Not even just from blogging. I disappeared from YouTube and most social media too. I popped up on Instagram Stories a bit but that’s about it. Social media and I had a little falling out.

I’m sure it was nothing that it had done and it was all me. I was finding Twitter very repetitive and my feed just a steady stream of adverts and promotions. I’d scroll down and it was like the conversations and real people were hidden. It was a mass of scheduled promo tweets and I got bored quickly. Maybe I’m not following the right accounts and I should have a bit of a sort out. Maybe the algorithm is playing tricks on me and hiding all the good titbits. Who knows.

Life lately - switching off from social media.

I’d even gotten bored of YouTube and I never thought that would be possible. My subscriptions feed was a mass of speed cleaning 10 minute tidy up videos and I found myself wondering what on earth the world was coming to. I even thought I needed to film one until I realised that if I could afford a cleaner I would, as I hate cleaning, so why would anyone want to watch me clean. I sure as hell don’t.

I do love Instagram still but I felt that everyone was a bit sick of me posting endless photos of my little girl. And I realised that spending all day with her I don’t have much time to take photos of anything else. She’s my priority right now. She needs me and I don’t want to miss a thing. She’s showing signs of crawling any day now and I don’t want to be flicking through Twitter and miss it.

My heart still is feeling a little broken with social media. I do miss blogging and making videos but I’m going to take the pressure off. I’m not demanding any set number of posts and videos a week. Two fingers up to consistency right there!

While taking my time with blogging and videos I’m also making room for some of my hobbies. I love doodling and planning. I’m drawing more and hoping to turn them into some fun designs. I’m also trying to use my bullet journal more as I used to find it quite therapeutic. I think using it will also help structure my time better. I have limited hours when I’m not looking after Eleanor and I really need to make them productive.

This post is a little all over the place but I wanted to share with you where I’m at and where I’ve been. I’m making more time for me and treasuring the time I’ve got left with my little one before my maternity leave comes to an end.