Eleanor is now nearly two months old and I bought so much stuff since she was born. A lot of things I bought out of desperation while on my phone browsing Amazon during a 2am feeding session. When having very little sleep I tried everything that someone mentioned might help with baby E’s sleeping or feeding.

Ewan the Dream Sheep

I remember one 2am feed early on in which someone recommended a Sleephead. I was so excited that with Amazon prime I would get the delivery the next day to solve all my sleeping issues! However in my exhausted state I didn’t realise that tomorrow was actually another day ahead as 2am was already the next day. Damnit! I was so disappointed that my desperation buy wasn’t going to arrive on time. I think I actually cried.

Anyway, here are a few of those buys and things that I have found essential during the first couple of months with Eleanor.

  1. Sling
  2. Mummy groups/coffee mornings
  3. Love to Dream Swaddle Up
  4. Ewan the Dream Sheep
  5. Thermos
  6. Muslins
  7. Whatsapp

I have a Close Caboo sling which I love. It’s so easy to use once you’ve done it a few times in front of the mirror. Eleanor will happily fall asleep in it so I can get things done around the house. I’ve even baked in it before.

Getting out the house has been one of the most important things to keep me sane. Mummy coffee mornings or activities like baby massage have been great for meeting local mums and for staying in touch with my NCT group. Similarly, Whatsapp has been essential for those middle of the night feeds when you just want another mum to chat to.

Love to Dream Swaddle Up

For sleeping I found the Swaddle Up sleeping bags a saviour. Eleanor always tried to escape a swaddle but having her arms up in this version definitely helps her sleep. Every night we also put on Ewan the Dream Sheep which helps all of us drift off.

If you have a sicky baby then muslins are essential. We go through so many every day to mop up sick, for burping, to lay her down on – anything really. I used one the other day to mop up spilt tea.

And talking of tea, a thermos has been my essential product even if most don’t think it is. I kept making cups of tea and watched them go cold while being out of reach during a feed. So we got a thermos mug and now my tea is always hot! Why did it take me so long to think of it?!