Nappy rash was unbearable when Eleanor was teething. We had 4 teeth pretty much come through all at once. The nappy rash caused her to scream in pain every time we changed her bum. It was so upsetting. Luckily her following 4 teeth weren’t so bad. So here are the top 5 things we’ve found that worked for us.

baby nappy rash

Metanium Ointment

This yellow stuff was recommended to me by so many people. It really seems to help heal the sore red patches. It’s not a miracle worker like some people said. It hasn’t solved it overnight, but I think until these teeth come through we’re stuck with the nappy rash. This is helping it not be so much worse.


WaterWipes are really gentle as they are 99.9% purified water and 0.1% fruit extract. I was told not to use any other wipes as the chemicals wouldn’t help her bottoms but we’ve always used these so that wasn’t an issue for us. They’re endorsed by Allergy UK so don’t aggravate sensitive areas which is exactly what we need. And they’re great for getting off the Metanium from my fingers too!


After cleaning with the wipes we always pat her dry with a clean flannel to make sure she is really dry before putting anything else on her. Make sure not to rub and be gentle.


We’ve been bathing her more often at the moment to make sure she’s really clean. We don’t use any products in the water except Oilatum as our water is ridiculously hard. Bath time seems to calm her down and she enjoys splashing about.

Nappy Free Time

After the bath, and if we get time during the day, we give her nappy free time. I grabbed some maternity mats from the hospital and also have some puppy training pads lying around which we put underneath her. I’m all for nappy free time but not at the expense of lots of poo on the carpet. I like doing it after bath time as the bathroom is really warm and she can have a proper naked kick about on the floor.

What are your tips for dealing with nappy rash?