New Look Dress 28 Weeks Pregnant

Debbie 28 Weeks Pregnant

New Look Dress 28 Weeks Pregnant

Accessorize bracelet maternity OOTD

I am in love with this New Look flower print maternity dress. Last weekend we headed out to our local lakes for a chilled out walk. The sun made a surprise appearance and my husband brought his camera. We managed to capture some photos while everyone else was walking their dogs or out for a run. We met a lovely man with a dog called Flinn, who was just adorable. He waded into the lake but stayed clear of me before drying himself off as dogs do.

We also bumped into a friend while we were there who had come for a bit of fishing. We spotted a few trout in the water so I hope he managed to catch something.

There’s something very relaxing about walking by water. I can’t wait until baby arrives and we can wander around together with the pram or a sling.

The dress is a fake wrap dress with a tie on the side. It’s really comfortable on my bump, although I’d recommend a bigger size if your boobs have grown a lot. It can be a bit of a job to get it off in the evening. I paired it with a simple bracelet from Accessorize which I grabbed in the sale recently. I love it because it’s easily adjustable and I have tiny wrists.

You can see the dress in my recent New Look and ASOS maternity haul video but it doesn’t seem to be on their websites any more.

New Look maternity dress OOTD