Here are some last minute Valentine’s Day DIY ideas if you’re stuck for something to make.

Dotted HeartsDotted Hearts

This DIY is really easy and all you need is some paper or card, a pencil with a rubber on the end and a stamp or paint. Cut out a heart shape to use as a template, and then using the rubber on the pencil, dab the colour around the template. It took me five minutes to do in my lunch break! You could do this on the front of a blank card, put it in a frame, or use permanent paint and put it on a t-shirt or a magazine bag. I’m sure there are so many more ways of using this idea.

I am really enjoying origami at the moment so I wanted to give some heart designs a try. I found this gorgeous bookmark on TheCheeseThief and the box from my trusty origami instructions website. I don’t know what I’d do without this website as it gives such clear step by step instructions. Here’s the box being made:

heart words

This heart shape filled with words is really quick to do and you could print it out to stick on the front of a card or put it in a cute picture frame. You can make it on a website called Tagxedo, which lets you choose your shape and colours and then you can add a list of words in. You could make use love words or choose some that are really personal to you and your sweetheart. There are a couple of heart shapes to choose from, but also loads of others for many different occasions. I’m wondering if there’s something I could do with this for my wedding…

Let me know if you try any of these. I hope you liked them.