Eleanor has tried a few classes. She has swimming and baby sensory every week and we’ve dabbled with baby massage and sing and sign.

I have 4 months left until Eleanor starts nursery and I return back to work so I am determined to try out a few more classes with her. I’ve found it quite hard to find local classes as they all seem to be by word of mouth or they’ll have a Facebook page that will get shared in a local selling group.

Hoop App

There’s an app for that

I recently stumbled upon the Hoop app and thought it sounded amazing. However when I downloaded it it said it wasn’t available in my area. That was a few weeks ago. Then someone reminded me of it and I tried again. This time it was available and it was full of lots of different coffee mornings, activities and classes to go.

You can sort the classes by age and location. So for Eleanor I was looking for groups for under 1 year olds. I was then able to choose a date and how far away I wanted to travel. I found the perfect activity for the day I was looking for.

Hoop App

I’ve been on the lookout for a messy play group for ages. I’ve seen other parents take their little ones to similar groups on Instagram and I have been dying to take Eleanor to one too. They look like so much fun.

The app told me what the class is, where and when it is and how much it costs. I am super excited to take Eleanor to her first messy play session. Luckily it’s a drop in class as it clashes with nap time.

If you haven’t already installed Hoop app I highly recommend checking it out. Just search for Hoop in your App Store.