Body confidence - me in a pretty dress in the park.

Can someone please give me a huge kick up the bum? I’ve been feeling crappy about the weight that I put on while pregnant and I still haven’t done much about it 8 months on. I had a plan to exercise all the time but it hasn’t worked out.

Every day I look in the mirror and don’t particularly like what I see. Actually, it’s never every day as I tend to avoid mirrors where I can. I read all about how I’m supposed to be body confident and proud of my mum tum, but I’m just not.

When I was growing up and during university I was a healthy weight and happy with my tummy. Then I got an office job and it all went wrong. I hate office work mostly because you end up spending 8 hours on your arse not seeing natural light.

I obviously haven’t got the excuse of being bound to a desk the last 8 months but I can’t seem to shift the weight. I’ve tried slightly lowering my calorie intake. I actually dropped it a fair bit but then felt so weak so I upped it again. I tried running and doing the 30 day shred but then I’d have a period from hell or another cold and I’d stop exercising.

So please someone kick my butt into gear and get me moving. What exercise do you do to shift the postpartum weight? Any tips?