fish and chips

How do people find time to cook? While I was at uni I loved to cook and bake, experimenting with ingredients and trying to recreate dishes I’d seen in films. But since I started working full time, the last few years I’ve found cooking a real struggle. Especially in the winter when by the time I leave work it’s dark and the last thing I want to do when I get in is spend hours concocting new recipes.

But I miss it. I miss stirring melting chocolate on the hob and watching through the oven door as food is bubbling away. So my aim is to cook one new recipe a week, which doesn’t seem like much but we usually eat pasta, pizza and soup – although it is homemade soup as it’s so quick and easy to whip up.

I was perusing Twitter when I saw a promoted tweet by Tesco with a rather yummy looking recipe for healthy fish and chips. It looked pretty simple with not many ingredients so I thought why not, it’s worth a go.