Can I just say, where did July go?! I can’t believe we’re in August already and I’m back with another monthly bullet journal setup.

July was mega busy so I stuck to weekly layouts and really simplified them down. I’m definitely wanting to take this simple weekly spread forward into August.

Monthly spread

I am sticking to the calendar view like I did in July’s monthly spread. I definitely prefer just being able to quickly glance at the calendar and see what days appointments are on. I’ve removed the monthly tasks as I just wasn’t using it. I found that having a weekly and daily tasks is much easier to manage.

bullet journal August monthly spread

I have created a ‘master task list’ spread which has been separated into tasks to do before the baby arrives, important tasks and then tasks which need to be done at some point. I can then refer to this when looking at tasks to add to each week.

I’m using my habit tracker more. I’d tried it before and never used it. This time I only included tasks that actually matter to me like walking and hypnobirthing. I found that having things that matter to me on the list have made me want to tick them off.

Weekly spread

bullet journal august weekly spread

I am loving my simple weekly spread layout at the moment. It’s easy to see what appointments I have and I have limited space for tasks so I don’t put too much pressure on myself with a humongous to-do list.

I have a meal plan space on the right but I keep it numbered rather than by day, so that we can swap and choose what meals to have during the week. I found that when I set the day I would want something else or just end up with cereal for dinner – anyone else?


bullet journal social media stats

This month I’ve added another calendar to keep track of blog and video content. I’m either going to use pencil or post it notes to add in blog posts and video ideas, so that I can easily move them around. I’ve colour coded the days with a circle to when a post or a video is due to go out.

On the opposite page I have a social media and blog statistics tracker. This looks at the followers on certain accounts at the end of each month. It also shows the monthly page views and unique visitors to the blog, and the most popular video and post that month.