Lets get straight in with 5 happy things that have made me happy this week.

Candles arnold leung photo

  1. Switching the office and Eleanor’s room over. Eleanor now has the bigger room and space to play in. She’s not sleeping well since the move but I’m sure she’ll get used to it and it will be a lovely room for her to grow into.
  2. TOMM. Have you heard of The Organised Mum Method? I have got on top of my cleaning using Gem’s 1 week bootcamp. And from now on I’ll be sticking to her weekly cleaning plan where I only have to do 30 minutes of cleaning a day during the week with weekends off. I feel so much happier when the house is clean and tidy.
  3. I hate dark nights but this cooler weather has made me want to get candles and blankets out. I love the smell of my Fireside Treats Yankee candle. It’s the only one I like and I want to fill my house with that smell.
  4. Family. We spent the day last weekend with my husbands family. Eleanor saw her great grandma and auntie and uncle too and she had a wonderful time. It was lovely to see her feel confident and play with everyone. We went to Scotney Castle for a wander around and some lunch.
  5. Hobbies. I’ve been dabbling with teaching myself html, css and javascript so I can redesign my blog. My husband is a developer but he’s too busy at the moment and my blog is right at the bottom of his to do list. So I had the silly idea to teach myself. So far I’ve made a mockup of the homepage in html and css and I’m really happy with it. I love learning new things and challenging myself. Sometimes I think I need to be constantly challenged.

How was your week?