31 weeks pregnant 4d scan picture

31 Weeks Pregnant

I’ve been off work for a few days now and the pressure has definitely eased. I am still stressed, overwhelmed and feeling a bit down but not as much as I was. On Saturday me and my partner went out for a meal with our NCT group. We went to a local Thai restaurant and the food was absolutely amazing. It was lovely to catch up with everyone and hear how they’re getting on.

I made an effort to go to Aquabump on Tuesday, which is an exercise class in a pool run by a midwife. Some parts of it were actually quite tough but it felt good to get some exercise in. I really love being in the pool, so I hope I get to go more often.

Heartburn has started this week but I feel lucky that it has been quite mild. Well, I’ve never had heartburn before, but it doesn’t feel that bad so I think I have it easy.

Baby has started to get hiccups this week which was a lovely surprise.

This week I also had my 31 weeks midwife appointment. Everything was normal except the size of my bump. As soon as she said it measured 29 cm I knew that was the same size as my previous appointment 3 weeks before. She told me not to worry as I looked bigger. She booked me in for a growth scan at the nearest hospital for that afternoon. My husband was working unfortunately but my mum was able to come with me. Baby was measuring normal so there was nothing to panic over. The midwife also said that my placenta has moved up so I don’t need a scan at 32 weeks to check on it, which is a relief.

32 Weeks Pregnant

This week marked my return to work. Not until Wednesday though but oh my it was uncomfortable. I’ve not been sat at a desk for 7 hours straight for a couple of weeks and I forgot how much it hurt. I have three monitors at work and I think all the twisting to look around at them does my side in. My right side was so painful yesterday! Also, the toilets are far too far away from my desk.

My colleagues are being super supportive. I’m able to work from home when I need to now and I can go to Aquabumps on Tuesday, which is a swimming exercise class with my midwife. I am also not worrying about whether I get all the work done. I can only do what I’m able to and I’m not going to put pressure on myself to get anything done in the 11 working days I’ve got left. I’m crossing them off as I go.

Symptoms wise this week I haven’t been too bad. I think it’s just getting more uncomfortable now. Now my bump is bigger I’m finding it much harder to turn over in bed or get off our sofa. I get stuck in our sofa. It’s really uncomfortable as it is and it dips at the back so if I lie down on it I get sandwiched between the back cushions. I literally have to roll off the sofa onto the floor (I’ve put a pillow down) to get up.

This week

Baby is now the size of a – Squash.

My favourite moment was – A trip out with my mum to look at baby clothes and have a cream tea.

My worst moment was – Nothing

I’ve been feeling – Happier and excited.

I’m missing – Nothing.

I’ve been buying for baby – Nothing.

I’m craving – Still wanting eclairs!!

I’m looking forward to – Counting down the days until maternity leave.