My 2 year old’s favourite toy is probably whatever she can find that isn’t a toy. This is more of a list of her favourite things to do. She isn’t that bothered by her toys. Here are some of the things my toddler likes to play with at the moment.

2 year olds favourite toys

In the Kitchen

  • Tupperware
  • Bag clips
  • Filling her mini shopping baskets with food
  • Rolling and stacking the tins from the cupboard
  • Baking with me

In the Garden

  • Using a spray bottle to clean the doors and her playhouse
  • Watering the plants
  • Pushing her bubble lawn mower around
  • Stealing fruit and vegetables
  • Collecting small stones in a bucket
  • Making a water, mud and stone mixture in a bucket

In the Living Room

  • Building with her duplo
  • Making a tower with her blocks
  • Turning the TV on herself

Arts and Crafts

  • DIY playdough with her IKEA baking set
  • Putting stickers absolutely everywhere
  • Drawing on the chalkboard
  • Colouring in her hands and arms
  • Painting her hands and arms

In the Bathroom

  • Glow sticks in the bath (once these run out we won’t be repurchasing)
  • Watching her disco light
  • Trying to swim and kick her legs

Does your toddler prefer household objects? Or do they have an absolute favourite toy at the moment?