My mummy morning routine starts before my daughter wakes. Well, now it’s lighter in the mornings the birds are waking her up at 6am but she stays in her cot chatting or singing to herself until 7am.

Meditation with Headspace every morning

Morning routine

6:00 – Wake up and head downstairs to do some yoga. I used to do it in the evenings but I find it gives me so much energy if I do it first thing in the morning. I always do yoga in my pajamas, anyone else do this? There are so many yoga pants I’d like to buy but I just don’t need them!

6:30 – Headspace. After yoga I do a 10-15 minute mindfulness meditation through the Headspace app. I find this really sets me up for the day.

7:00 – Breakfast for all the family. My husband usually gets Eleanor up out of bed and brings her downstairs for breakfast. Most meals we all eat the same but breakfast we all have something different – mostly because we all drink different milk and I’m not making 3 different types of porridge! I have almond milk with my porridge and banana and Eleanor has whole milk with her Weetabix and some fruit.

breakfast of porridge and banana

7:30 – Shower and get myself and Eleanor dressed for the day. I usually lay her clothes out the day before, or lay two sets of outfits out so she can choose which one she wants to wear.

8:00 – We’re usually out the door now on a nursery/work day. If not and the weather is nice we’ll head outside to the garden or out for a walk. Eleanor loves being outside and often goes to put her wellies on and reach for her coat before 8am.

I am so very grateful that my daughter stays in bed until 7am, it gives me a bit of me time in the morning which I find really helps set me up for the day. I know this will change as she gets older and I’ll have to make changes to our routine, but at the moment this works for us.

What’s your morning routine?