I am in disbelief that Eleanor is already 2 months old. They weren’t kidding when they said time would fly by. I’ve been doing it alone during the day for 5 weeks now.

Eleanor's first trip out in her snow suit

I’ll start with Eleanor’s 2 month update. We had our 6 week doctors appointment and they were happy with her. She hadn’t smiled by that point so they want to see her at 9-10 weeks to check on it. I think we’ve seen a few smiles now but she mostly does them for hubby. She was an early baby so it may be a bit delayed.

She’s definitely more alert now and is making lots more noises. She has also gotten into a sleep pattern at night. She’ll go to sleep after a feed at 10pm ish and then wake at 3 and 6am for further feeds. During the day the naps are quite sporadic at the moment. I’m wondering whether to start more of a routine now or leave it til later. I’m just grateful for that 4-5 hour block of sleep at night. I say that now and she’ll probably be a right nightmare tonight!

Eleanor on her bear play mat

Hell week

She did actually have a nightmare week between 7-8 weeks which ended in her immunisations. She was feeding constantly, didn’t sleep much and cried whenever we put her down. The immunisations were also horrible as they made us both cry and she just spat out the Calpol. She must have taken some in though as she fell asleep pretty quickly afterwards.


The weight seems to being going on! We still have the health visitor coming every week or two and I now get excited when she’s weighed. At 7 weeks she was 9lb 7oz and steadily increasing along her line on the chart. I couldn’t be more happier about that as feeding has been such a struggle. I’ve ditched the expressing as it was soul destroying and I’m feeling much better in myself for doing so. I think pumping just doesn’t work for some people. I was always so upset when just 5 ml would come out. It wasn’t worth it. So I’m now just breastfeeding and topping up with formula.

Eleanor in a pretty outfit

My postpartum update

For me 2 month postpartum update there’s isn’t much to tell. I still haven’t weighed myself. There’s a definite belly but I still fit into my old jeans (just). It’s something I will work on after Christmas.

The health visitor comes to check on me too as some days I really struggle alone. Especially if I’ve been feeding for 4 hours straight, haven’t left the sofa and desperate for a drink or something to eat. Everything is always just out of reach.

Something that has really helped is going out. I go to baby massage, a new parents class and coffee mornings to see other mummies. I’m also keeping in touch and seeing my NCT friends every week. I don’t think I’d be sane without them.