I am so excited about my spring garden this year. My daughter just loves being outside so I’m really trying to make it a place we all want to be.

In April I started planting some veggies and salad bits. In my mini greenhouse I have courgettes, tomatoes, marigolds and spring onions. And in the garden I have rocket and spinach, which are not growing.

Mini greenhouse filled with vegetables

April was a pretty cold and miserable month apart from a few sunny lovely days. I think that’s why my spinach and rocket aren’t growing. Another reason is they went into pots that had calendula in last year. Now I have lots of calendula popping up instead of salad! I’m going to leave them there as they will be beautiful and Eleanor will like them. I’m going to use a couple of pots that I have lying around with some fresh compost to try the salad leaves again. Fingers crossed they will grow as it will be lovely to eat fresh leaves.


I also had sunflower seeds in a pot but the calendula seem to be growing there too. I’ve planted up a few more seeds in pots inside and I hope they’ll pop up soon. I’ve also added some sugarsnap peas to the sunflower seedlings.

Sunglowers and sugarsnap peas

It feels so good to get out in the garden and trying growing things myself. I find it peaceful and I get a sense of achievement when I see my plants growing. I get so excited when my courgette plants grow a new leaf. Is that weird?

We’ve also put some flowers in pots which Eleanor loves to pick the petals off. I want to leave a pot full of soil for her to play with. A pot that she can dig about in and find worms. She loves finding wiggly worms.