This is our first summer with Eleanor and I want to spend as much time as possible in our garden. Although we’ve had a few picnics in it before, this month we’ve explored it more with her, especially now she is crawling.

Flowers on a DIY shelf in the garden

Eleanor’s Grumpy has been so helpful in making the garden more interesting. He’s planted up some tubs and built a shelf for them to sit on against our fence. He also grew some runner beans and planted them up in a big container. I can’t wait for Eleanor to see them grow!

We also now have a little bird feeder. We get quite a few birds in the garden anyway and Eleanor loves watching them and tracking where they go. I’ve popped some sunflower hearts in there which I know they’ll like. Any recommendations for what else we could feed them?

Bird feeder in the garden

I don’t know how long we’ll stay in this house for but while we do I want the garden to grow with us as a family. I want Eleanor to be able to learn from it and enjoy it.

I’m hoping to be able to start growing other vegetables next year. I have planted up some basil and parsley this week and will add some chives to it soon. But I want more! I’m not sure what to try next. Maybe some garlic or carrots? We’ve tried salad leaves before but I never really got round to eating them.

Eleanor looking at runner beans in the garden

I had a tendency to kill plants but now I’m on maternity leave I make my way out into the garden every day so I can water each pot. There’s something so relaxing about being outside.

Our next project is to get a border up and plant our wildflower seeds. We were supposed to do it in the spring but we never got round to it. I can’t wait for the wildflowers to invite bees to the garden. I used to hate bees, and I still don’t particularly like them, but they are fascinating to watch and are so so important.

What do you have in your garden for your little ones?