It felt like as soon as Eleanor turned one something changed. It’s like a switch had been flicked and my usual happy, sleeping well baby had disappeared.

Since turning 1 there have been a few things that have thrown my poor daughter out of sorts. Some things I’m sure are developmental but some are just pure evil.

Eleanor playing in the garden


I knew teeth were going to come through, but I wasn’t expecting 4 (again) to come through at once! And these aren’t quick little things like her first lot. These buggers, molars AND canines, are the devil. They’re coming through so slowly and my poor baby is in so much pain and has been off her food.

Anbesol and Calpol have been helping but teething is just adding to the mixture at the moment.


Okay so the 1 year jabs weren’t so bad. She cried for a couple of minutes and then got over being jabbed by 4 needles. However the nurse advised there might be a small rash in a week or so. A small rash? I wasn’t expecting a full on measles rash all over her and a fever.

On her second day at nursery I had a call from them saying her temperature had gone up and her rash had spread and she was just in tears and wouldn’t sleep. For days she was clingy and just wanted hugs. And she’s the least clingy baby I know. I liked the hugs but the rash really upset me to see it on her.


While recovering from her jab inducing measles she started nursery. She wouldn’t sleep or eat much there and then wasn’t sleeping much at night either. It’s so much change for her all at once. But she does really enjoy it.

Eleanor's first day of nursery.

Separation anxiety

Oh my poor sweet girl, she doesn’t like it if we leave the room. She was always such a good sleeper and usually would sleep from 7pm until 6-7am. Now she’s up a few times a night to check we’re still here. I know I can’t complain as she was such a good sleeper, but I really don’t function on less that 6 hours sleep. I’m a walking zombie.


We changed over from formula to cows milk really easily but changing from bottles has been a nightmare. I tried, I really did, but we are still on bottles. She was ill with virus one weekend and didn’t eat so I needed her to drink her milk. She mostly refuses it from a cup so I went back to the bottle.

With teething, nursery, the measles rash and bad sleep, I’ve needed something to stay the same for her. I’ll try switching the morning bottle to a cup soon and then the evening one after.

It really has felt like the month from hell. Or the past 6 weeks really. I hope we’re turning a corner now.

Anyone else experience the same thing when your little one turned one? Does your kid have a mouth full of teeth already?