Eleanor, you are one year old. How are you one already? It feels like only yesterday I was bouncing on my birthing ball watching the Friends boxset trying to laugh through contractions at 6am.

Eleanor eating her birthday cake on her 1st birthday

The last year with you has been a roller coaster of emotions. It’s not been easy but it has definitely been magical. I have so loved watching you develop into the inquisitive beautiful girl you are today. We’ve had tough times with feeding and sometimes my anxiety flared up. But we have had the most amazing year. We’ve been to the local farm more times than I can count and we’ve laughed so much together. Your giggle is so infectious. You are my world baby. I guess I can’t call you a baby any more; you’re a toddler now.


You can crawl so fast now I think your might crash into things. You seem to be bored of crawling on your knees so you’re using your hands and feet to get around.

You can stand up in the middle of the floor on your own now without any support. You seem so proud of yourself when you do it and start clapping, and I clap with you.

And don’t get me started on how fast you can crawl up the stairs now. You’re learning to get down the stairs too which we’ll keep practising. I never let you out of my reach while on the stairs; I’m always there to protect you.

I’m sure your confidence will come soon to take your first steps alone. At the moment you want to hold on to mummy and daddy’s hands as you walk along. You also love the wooden trolley that Grumpy made you that you can push along.


I can’t believe how much food you can put away sometimes. If I make a jacket potato I know I have to make a whole one just for you. The same goes for any pasta dish, you want just as much as mummy. You are my baby led weaning star.

Mushroom carbonara from The Baby Led Weaning Cookbook by Gill Rapley

You aren’t keen on your veggies yet. You like picking out your carrots and broccoli and throwing it on the floor. But if I give you any fruit you gobble the lot.

Yogurt is one of your favourites and you are mastering eating with a spoon. You even hold the yogurt pot yourself the other day and dipped your spoon in to get more. You are so clever.


Most nights you sleep so well my darling. You go down at 7pm and wake between 6-7am. I think sometimes you miss us and have started waking at 4-5am, but we don’t mind. You’ve always been an amazing sleeper so we are very lucky.


You are going to be much taller than mummy. At your 1 year check they measured you at 77cm. I can’t quite believe it. You’ve shot right up the growth chart.

Eating like you do you’ve jumped up a centile in weight. I am so proud of your eating as we were worried about your weight in the beginning. I don’t think you ever really liked milk that much, you just wanted all the food.

Eleanor crawling in the garden


  • Blowing raspberries
  • Hitting the TV screen (much to daddy’s annoyance)
  • Panda
  • Seeing how many pegs you can fit in one hand
  • Clapping along to if your happy and you know it
  • Swimming lessons
  • Salmon or fish of any kind
  • Grapes


  • Being told no
  • Long car journeys
  • Broccoli