Baskets. I love a good basket. I picked up two recently from a charity shop for 95p each. I’ve used them for some of Eleanor’s toys so she can just grab a basket off the sideboard. But I want more.

Crochet basket

So I made one.

I reached for my crochet hook and found an easy pattern to work with. I had some pale brown aran yarn which I’d bought for a lion blanket (it’s a beautiful pattern but I don’t have the time anymore).

I’m not the best at following patterns so I deviated from the instructions. I did the base as it said but then I switched to half trebles for the sides and I did double crochet on the last row so it had a neater edge. I also didn’t use another colour because I was lazy – I’ve recently put all my yarn in the garage and didn’t want to go out and get it.

I’m now trying to make a rainbow stack of baskets. I really want the Grimm’s Rainbow so this is the alternative while I’m saving up for it. It also will use up some of the huge amounts of DK yarn I have from when I did loads of granny squares to make a rainbow blanket. That blanket is still in squares. I couldn’t work out how to attach them together so I haven’t. I really need to do it but there’s about 50 squares and I feel overwhelmed by it. I’d pay someone to do it for me!

Crochet rainbow blanket granny squares

I’ve really enjoyed crocheting in the evening and at nap times while listening to a podcast. It ensures I put my phone down and disconnect.