I can’t quite believe that Eleanor is 9 months old now. Nine months?! That’s nearly a year. Every day I’m begging her to slow down and stop growing up so fast.

Eleanor in her pram


Eleanor is crawling everywhere. I can’t stop her. As soon as she sets her eyes on something she’s off. Whether it’s something she should have or not. We’ve had to clear everything up off the floor in the lounge. I seriously need to start baby proofing the rest of the house. Send me your tips!

Talking wise Eleanor happily babbles mama, dada and now nana. I’m still yet to work out if mama is for me or for milk as it usually occurs at the same time. She’s also using the baby sign for milk which is great. I think she can also sign drink now too, but it could just be a wave in the wrong place.

She is trying so hard to stand up on her own. She pulls herself up on my hands to stand and holds onto my fingers.

If we sing ‘if your happy and you know it’ she’ll clap along and laugh.

Eleanor and daddy crawling on the lawn at Mottisfont


Eleanor has been doing so well with her weaning. We’ve been doing baby led weaning and apart from the mess it’s been really good. Her favourite foods are pasta bolognese, risotto and fruit.

The last few weeks her pincer grip is amazing! Now she wants to pick up everything with her finger and thumb.

Milk has been a bit strange the last week or so. Around 8 months old she dropped down to 3-4 bottles and usually only drinking an ounce or two of 2 of those bottles. Now at 9 months she’s back to 5 bottles and sometimes is waking for a 6th in the night. What’s that all about? Is this normal? A growth spurt maybe. She’s eating the same so I’m sure she’s fine.


Usually she sleep from 7pm until around 6-6:30 in the morning. The last week or so she has woken for a bottle and sometimes she’ll wake around 4am and need changing.

She’s been in her own cot since about 7 months but a couple of weeks ago we removed her Sleepyhead. I was so surprised that she’s absolutely fine without it. It does mean she now sleeps on her side or front. What can you do? My hubby gets nervous but I’m sure we slept on our front as babies. I love checking her on the monitor and finding that she’s at the strangest angle at the other end of the bed.


Eleanor thrown in the air by daddy


I haven’t had her weighed at a clinic in a month or so. We have scales so I weigh her every month. The other week she weighed 17lb exactly. She’s always been on the diddy side and from the look at her chart she’s following her centile pretty well.


  • Being thrown in the air
  • Raspberries on her belly
  • Chicken and mushroom risotto
  • Stacking cups and Tomy eggs
  • Swimming lessons
  • Flies
  • Crawling off during a nappy change
  • Sleeping on her side


  • Broccoli
  • The hoover
  • Being told not to open the TV unit drawers on her head