I know I say it every time but 6 MONTHS?!?! Where has the time gone? My little girl is 6 months old and I’m half way through my maternity leave. I can’t quite believe it. She’s no long this tiny little human being.

I am really looking forward to the next month. We are starting baby led weaning now she’s old enough and I have already decided on a BLW meal plan for the first couple of weeks. I don’t expect her to eat much of it but I’m sure she’ll have fun playing with it. At the moment everything goes in her mouth so I hope she’ll enjoy food too.

Eleanor 6 months old update


Eleanor’s sleep has changed over the last few months. She didn’t really have a 4 month sleep regression but something hit during 5 months that have caused waking during the night.

She used to go down at 7/7:30 and stay asleep until 6-7am which was amazing. Now she tends to wake up at 5-6am and will often wake once in the night too. I realise this is pretty good for some so I can’t complain. I found it hard at first after getting a good chunk of sleep to then be woken up a couple of times. She also snores so I have to put up with her and hubby making noise! I think his snoring wakes me up more.


Oh this is still pretty hit and miss and it makes me sad. She is much much better with a bottle now I’ve stopped breastfeeding but she’s teething which has brought its own problems.

These pesky teeth are putting her right off her milk. Some feeds she’ll barely take 3oz. She tends to have 5-6 bottles of between 4-6oz if she’s behaving. I know this isn’t enough going by the recommendations on the packet but I’ve voiced my concerns so many times with my health visitor and she’s happy with her slow by steady weight gain.

The health visitor has visited every couple of weeks for the last 6 months and has agreed to stop coming now as she’s happy with how Eleanor is doing which I am so please about.

Eleanor 6 months old update


She’s been rolling since she was 3 months but she can now continuously roll until she reaches the other side of the room. Only in one direction though, she can’t make it back! When she’s on her tummy she is desperate to move. She kicks her legs and gets up on her knees. Once she figures out she needs to use her arms to crawl she will be off.

Her two bottom teeth are just cutting through now. I think they’ve been causing nappy rash for weeks on end and also a fever for a few days. So when these buggers are through all the way I’ll be a damn sight happier.

She’s not sitting yet but she likes to sit forward and nipple her toes. She doesn’t seem to have a desire to sit though. If I sit her on my lap she pushes off so she’s standing. She loves to stand up and bounce, especially in her jumperoo.


Eleanor loves her teething toys especially her Matchstick Monkey and her Lamaze rattle. She adores foil blankets and flashing lights like our disco lamp.

She hates nappy rash (poor thing) and when I sit down while she’s on my shoulder.

Find out how she’s doing a 9 months old.

I can’t wait to see what the next few months will bring.