Most Sundays I cook a large roast chicken and use it for meals throughout the week. Now we have Eleanor it means I can quickly prepare meals for the two of us while my husband is at work. Find out how Eleanor is doing with baby led weaning.

chicken thai green curry baby led weaning

On Sunday I’ll make a roast dinner with lots of veggies and then for the next 3 or 4 nights we’ll have chicken with something else. I’ve been experimenting with different meals but these 3 are my favourite.

It makes either 3 or 4 extra meals depending on the size I get from Tesco. I always work out what the biggest chicken is I can get for the cheapest per kg. So if they’re all £4 then I’ll pick the one that weighs the most.

chicken stir fry baby led weaning

Meal 1: Roast chicken

Meal 2: Chicken stir-fry

Meal 3: Thai green chicken curry

Meal 4: Chicken and mushroom risotto

The risotto is always Eleanor’s favourite as she can just pick up a handful and shovel it into her mouth! She isn’t too keen on sticks of roasted vegetables but actually seemed to like them stir-fried.

She’s also partial to these BLW pinwheels!

What do you do with leftover roast chicken?