Eleanor has been in a really good routine. The last couple of weeks she’s thrown it as she’s been ill and teething so much. But she’s usually really good. I’m a little bit of a control freak so I quite like having a routine. It means I know roughly how to plan my day.

5 months old baby routine

I don’t actually know what we did before we had a routine. I don’t remember ever having my hands free as I didn’t put Eleanor down for a nap. We started this routine around 3 months and it has really worked for us. Every baby is different but I’m happy that my little girl is happy with our routine.

Our routine basically boils down to feeding every 3 hours from 7am to 7pm and putting Eleanor down for a nap after 2 hours of awake time.

  • 7am wake up + feed
  • 8:30 nap
  • 10am feed
  • 11:30 nap
  • 1pm feed
  • 3pm nap
  • 4pm feed
  • 6:30 bedtime routine and feed

Our routine is flexible and that really works for us. If an activity is in the middle of the day then we (usually me… always me) work around it. When we visit family and travel back late then that’s fine. It has to work around you too.

I hope this helps some mummies. Do you have a routine with your little one?